• “I’m a veteran of the US Navy. I have a spinal cord injury and was informed about TROT. When I visited TROT I found a very caring and helpful staff ready to teach me the fundamentals of horseback riding. My goal was to ride in the Tucson Annual Rodeo Parade. On February 21, 2013 the big day arrived, and all the lessons taught to me by TROT were put to use in one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I rode the route of the parade proudly and cheerfully waving to spectators. The TROT instructors had me prepared well for this moment. What a day, what an experience, thanks to the staff and trainers at TROT. Thank you for my new home of friends.”
    Joseph Bailey
  • “I have been attending therapy sessions at TROT for approximately a year now, and there is absolutely no way to express, nor measure, how very much this treatment, particularly with a horse named Wizard, has helped me deal with the PTSD and other mental health issues I have developed due to my military service while serving in the United States Navy. Being able to interact with Wizard has literally saved my life, as I have often felt extremely suicidal and after being able to hug and pet him, that feeling goes away. I have a relationship with that horse and truly believe that he understands me and has helped me more than all the doctors in the world. I suppose you would have to be in my shoes and live in the type of life I live in to really be able to understand how helpful that horse has been to me, and this is the best way I can express that helpful feeling, by still being alive and still trying to have a life of some kind, because of Wizard.”
    EFP Client
  • “Every Saturday I ride and feed my horse apples and carrots. And while I stroke my hand between his eyes and down to his nose, I tell him he did a good job. Finally, I am riding.”
    Vanessa D.
  • “Smiles were a while coming, though we knew they were there. Last week, to the delight of his volunteers and his instructor, for the first time, Jason laughed out loud! Thank you ASDB and to Jason’s Parents for this very special little boy.”
    Mary Vardi, about Jason M
  • “Oh my goodness, (he's) talking all the time and it’s like music to my ears. He can’t stop talking, which is a beautiful thing, but being able to hold a conversation, not only at home but with others. Being able to identify the basic things like colors, being more self-sufficient, so it’s like a transformation.”
    Major Jason Ring, Alec's father (Melanie client)
  • “I have been at TROT for 10 years. I love going to TROT every Thursday afternoon. All the horses greet me with “There’s our pal, Cindy”. TROT is a big stress reliever for me and a sanctuary of non-judgment and positive reinforcement for me. The horses give me unconditional love and…TROT has given me self confidence and self-esteem flourish as a result of all my weekly lessons that I have at TROT!”
    Cindy Ritter
  • “Since that first day, when for the first time she left my side willingly to go and meet her horse, and the 2 years of therapy at TROT, she has blossomed into such a magnificent and confident young girl. She is turning 8 next month and we are still astounded by her ability to reference her memories, love, and learning from her time at TROT.”
    Devora Brustin, Austin’s mother, in a letter to Leslie
  • “It means to me tears of happiness when I see Chris do something I know that there is no way he could have done this before. It means I feel I am truly blessed by not just Christopher, but by everybody that has anything to do with TROT.”
    Ellen, Christopher’s Mom, Jess client
  • “I see the reflection of myself in the horse’s eye.”
    EFP Client
  • “Almost three years of outstanding therapy and life experiences with Sierra Ohrel and her team of four-legged master teachers at TROT is the best medicine I’ve had in my PTSD healing journey. Sierra always intuits the most suitable equine therapist for my circumstance.”
    Reta Nickles-Johnson
  • “Our daughter has been riding at TROT for the past 5 years. It is one of the most enriching and positive experience for her physical and mental well-being.”
    Kerry & Scott Hodgkinson (Kristine’s mom & dad)