TROT is able to function due to the assistance of more than 150 trained volunteers per week. A volunteer must be at least 14 years of age and in good health. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Working directly with the riders (horse handler/side walker)
  • Facilitating non-mounted therapeutic equine activities
  • Office tasks, yard work
  • Special events

The Volunteer Coordinator will assign the volunteers to duties appropriate to the volunteer’s abilities, training and availability. Several high schools and college classes offer course credit for volunteer work at TROT.

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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Side Walker

(Volunteer Orientation and Side Walker classes are required. Equine background not necessary) This volunteer serves as a “safety net” for the rider by walking or jogging along side the horse and rider. The Side Walker interacts with the student at the direction of the instructor. The volunteer must be in good health and able to be physically active and mentally alert and focused for the one hour session. He/she must also be able to tolerate severe heat and dust. Training is provided and covers such things as communication with the student, assisting with mounts and dismounts, arena work and trotting.

Horse Handler

(Orientation and horse handler training at TROT by instructional staff.)  This volunteer must be in good health and able to be physically active and mentally alert and focused for the 1 hour session. He/she must be able to tolerate severe heat and dust. The Horse Handler is responsible for grooming, tacking, warming up, leading the horse through the lesson and untacking the horse afterwards. Prospective handlers must submit our Horse Handler questionnaire so that we may assess the volunteer’s abilities and experience.

Horse Handler Questionnaire

Time Commitment

Our classes are one hour and our semesters are 12 weeks long from September to May. Volunteers commit to one class per week for the 12 week semester or if unable to do so can act as substitute side walkers or horse handlers on an on call basis.

2016-2017 Session Dates

Volunteer Training

8/13 Orientation/Sidewalker Training 8am-noon

Volunteer application must be submitted to be considered for this training session.

2016 Fall Semester:  (September 12 – December 17)

September 12:  Start of Semester

Break: October 23 – October 29

Thanksgiving Break: November 20 – November 26

December 17:   Last day of classes

2017 Winter Semester: (January 9 – April 8)

January 9:  Start of Semester

Break: February 19 – February 25

April 8:  Last day of classes

2017 Spring Semester: (April 17 – May 27)

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

  • June 5-9, 2017:   Girl Scout TROT Experience

All Orientations and trainings are scheduled for Saturday mornings 8:00-12:00. Bookmark the link below to have a direct link to our TROT Calendar. Thank you for your interest and commitment to TROT. We hope to see you in the fall!

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